Send your own Investigators for 911


Blaming each other as foes is as old a human tradition as immigration or prostitution (including political and intellectual prostitution). None of them can be barred or stopped, no matter what measures the governments take.

However, one of the participants in the “axis of lobbies” who have put Mr. Bush and his comrades in power is quite an expert in this field of the “Blame-Game.” Indeed, this participant, the world calls them “the Zionist Lobby,” deserves a pat on their back for doing a “tremendous” job of destroying every moral fabric of Western society. They have and will continue to do their “tremendous” job as long as they have their “fuel” (Did someone say fool?) of “drawing-room experts” such as Steve Emerson, Yousef Bodansky, Thomas L. Friedman, Jeff Jacoby and more. Frankly, what I find very ironic about these “drawing-room experts” is that most of them have never put a single step in the region of their “expertise”, and people still believe them. Furthermore, some media out-lets such as CNN (a “show-case” of Warner Brothers’ Products) invite them for talks, interviews, etc. on a regular basis.

It is the Muslim world that is being condemned, why would the Zionist judge and jury of the media kangaroo court give a prime-time hearing to Muslim scholars.

Cashing in almost “everything” (e.g. cashing in on the holocaust for the last 50-plus years) is also part of this lobby’s old tradition, and Mr. Bush and his comrades have been very competent students to learn the tactics from their masters.

Mr. Bush and Co. are using all the learned tactics very skillfully since the September 11, 2001 attacks. So far, they have not missed a single chance to cash in on the September 11 attacks and the suffering of the common American citizen. It has been said about one of Mr. Bush’s Comrades, Mr. Colin Powell, that his words become news as soon he utters them.

Mr. Bush and his comrades are having so much fun, like teen-age boys, that they have failed democracy by not initiating a call for a truly independent investigation of the September 11 attacks.

They have not sought help nor they have sent any invitation to the very countries whose citizens are allegedly involved in the September 11 attacks. Obviously, they are too busy setting up Home Security Agencies and using the FBI and other agencies to interview innocent citizens or residents of this country. Frankly, I believe that the Home Security Agency and its funding will be used to keep the American people “under control” in the event of their nation-wide protest in response to Mr. Bush and his comrades’ on-going war-mongering campaign.

Further, Mr. Bush and his comrades have broken all the rules by bringing Taliban prisoners from Afghanistan to Cuba for indefinite investigation.

So, it appears that there will never be an independent investigation of September 11 attacks, and these attacks will continue to be used by the Zionist Lobby and others to doom Muslims, as well as other innocent civilians (such as the innocent children caught in all this struggle in nations such as Iraq), around the globe. Because, remember that in this retribution effort, “You are either with us, or you are against us”, to borrow words from Mr. Bush. We all know there is never gray in this world, only black and white!

I suggest that all the countries, especially Muslim countries, whose citizens have allegedly been involved in the September 11 attacks, should ask the Bush Administration to let them participate and give them access to all the necessary documents in their on-going investigation.

Otherwise, an independent investigation of the September 11th attacks can always be contracted independently by the countries whose citizens are allegedly involved.

In a nutshell, the truth must be told, no matter how.